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John Foster Art...................Drawings, Etc.

See information concerning books and drawings at bottom.   All stone bouquets are accented with treated brass and steel stems and leaves and the entire compositions are held together with solder and high-tech glue. They are coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the beautiful natural color of the stone.

B-Class Rose Quartz
$47 plus shipping
B-Class Rose Quartz from Custer South, Dakota.......about 2-3/4"(+-)Dia
B-Class Rose Quartz is a whiter Quartz, but with a tinge of Rose color. The paperweight is
propped upright with a brass peg that is covered with a rubber cap to protect your furnature.

Dozen Premium Rose Quartz
$699 plus shipping

A dozen Custer, South Dakota Premium Rose Quartz bloosoms......11-1/2" H
with a base of Conglomerate stone that is highlighted with a variety of gemstones,
including Peridot, Citrine, Jade, Amethyst and others.

Half Dozen Alabaster Stone Roses
Off white blossoms of Colorado Alabaster.....9-3/4"H
with a base of Classic Yellow Marble that is highlighted
with a large light green Jade gemstone, a golden Citrine gemstone,
and a dark green Jade gemstone
Half dozen Brucite stone Roses
Six white/green/black Brucite blossoms....9-1/4"H
with a base of light brown Conglomerate granite that is highlighted
with a large light green Jade gemstone, a large dark green Jade gemstone,
a large golden Citrine gemstone, a scattering of small golden Citrine gemstone nuggets,
and a scattering of small green Peridot gemstone nuggets

Triple Stone Roses #3

The large blossoms are Classic Yellow Marble from Western Canada, White Colorado Alabaster
from the Fort Collins area, and rich Green Soapstone from Southwest Montana.
The base is again Classic Yellow Marble that is highlighted with huge gemstones of
light green Jade, dark green Jade and golden Citrine......10-3/8"H

Half Dozen Stone Roses
Blossoms of  light green Colorado Alabaster......11-1/2"H
with a base of white Colorado Alabaster that is highlighted
with large light green and dark green Jade, Citrine and  Calcite gemstones

Triple stone Roses #2
Blossoms of green/white/black Brucite, While Colorado Alabaster, and black/green Serpentine.......9-3/8"H
with a base of rich green/black/white Brucite that is highlighted with light green Jade and golden Citrine.

Brucite Rose #5
A blossom of green/black Brucite......8-1/4"H
with a base of Classic Pink Marble that is highlighted with a huge light green Jade gemstone,
a dark green Jade gemstone and small Citrine gemstone nuggets.
Single Mauve Soapstone Rose (d)
with Rose Quartz Base
A mauve Soapstone blossom......8-3/4"H
with a Rose Quartz base that is highlighted with Canadian Jade and small Peritot gemstone nuggets.

 (See information about UFO books, drawings and slideshow below)

Triple Stone Rose Bouquet (a-t)

Green Soapstone Rose (c)
A blossom of green Soapstone.....8-3/4"H
with a base of brown/mauve Soapstone that is highlighted with light gree and dark green Jade.
Single Stone Marble Rose (b)

A blossom of crystalline salmon Marblel.......8-3/4"H
with a base of crystalline salmon Marble that is highlighted with small nuggets of Peritot gemstone.
Single Stone Brucite Rose (a)
A blossom of white/black Brucite......*"H
with a base of white Colorado Alabaster that is highlighted with Jade, Peridot and Citrine gemstones.
Triple Stone Roses #2
A bouquet of three stone Roses......10-1/2"H
...blossoms of Classic Yellow Marble, white Colorado Alabaster and butterscotch Onyx
with a beautiful base of brown Petrified Wood that is highlighted with small Peridot gemstone nuggets.

Single Stone Brucite Rose #3
A striking blossom of green/black/white Brucite......7-3/4"H
with a Granite base that is highlighted with a generous chunk of white/green Jade and small Peridot nugget gemstones.
Single Stone Brucite Rose #2
An unusual attractive blossom of yellow/black Brucite......8-1/2"H
with a slim Brucite base that is highlighted with a large Jade light green gemstone.
Single Stone Brucite Rose #1
A beautiful blossom of white/green Brucite.....9-1/2"H
with an attractive Brucite base that is highlighted with Citrine gemstone nuggets.
Single Stone Rose
Blossom of Classic Yellow Marble......8-3/4"H
with a base of Classic Yellow Marble that is highlighted with Premium Rose Quartz

Single Stone Rose
No longer available
Blossom of black Marble....8-1/2"H
with a base of black/gray Granite that is highlighted with green Calcite

Single Stone Rose
Blossom of butterscotch Onyx....8-1/2"H
with a base of butterscotch Sandstone that is highlighted with old glass
Single Stone Rose
Blossom of pink/white Colorado Alabaster.....7-1/2"H
with a base of mauve Soapstone that is highlighted with old green glass...Tigers Eye and Citrine gemstones
Stone Daisy
No longer available

Blossom of  white Colorado Alabaster......6"H
with a green/black Brucite base
that is highlighted with nuggets of Peridot gemstone
Half Dozen Green Alabaster
Stone Roses....
Blossoms of semi-translucent light green Alabaster....11"H
with a base of white Colorado Alabaster that is highlighted
with Rose Quartz, Canadian Jade and green Peridot nuggets

Extremely beautiful!
Half Dozen Rose Quartz Roses

No longer available

An unusually beautiful Rose Quartz creation created with Premium
Roze Quartz from Custer, South Dakota.....9-1/4"H
The base also is Rose Quartz that is highlighted with Citrine gemstone nuggets.

   Three books written and illustrated by John Foster      Contact:

An astonishing story about John's unusual experiences...the books are offered in paperback and ebook formats. It is a true story that can give you insight into some of the mysteries of life, including science, religion and history. (Take a look. The ebooks are very inexpensive.)  Click on the titles to order from Contact John at for signed copies.
If ordered through John, an invoice will be sent to you via PayPal and you can pay safely through your credit card or directly through PayPal if you have a PayPal account.

They are entitled:

   1.  Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book  ...$7.95 & $2.99 (begin order by clicking) - a brief introduction is followed by over 170 freehand illustrations with short comments
   2.  Eminent Discovery or (Eminent Discovery, A Lifetime Of UFO  Experiences)  ...$19.95 & $2.99 (begin order by clicking) - a detailed representation of what happened and how it happened - including over 140 illustrations as above
   3. To Earth From Heaven  ...$9.95 & $2.99 (begin order by clicking) - more encounter descriptions followed by  in-depth discussions  concerning what it all might mean for individuals and humankind - past, present and future.

Links of interest:
Website of Omaha UFO Study Group - videos and opinions by Steve Snodgrass, prime investigator and interpreter of John's -   the story, from a UFO investigator's point of view

UFO Digest:

Robert Stanley's Blog Radio ... Interview of John Foster ... 7:00PM August 23, 2012

Blog radio with Anastasia:

The Road To Reality:
Beyond art, John has pursued the meaning of life since very early childhood and has had many very unusual experiences. In his struggle to understand what has happened to him, he has investigated various sources of ancient history, modern science and religion/spirituality. In all of his investigations one excellent explanation of reality rings exceptionally true...written by another author of our time. You can find it on the following website:  ...then select "September 2012."

Thunder Valley Drums - drums created with trees struck by lightening:

Psychic Studies Institute:    http;//

Donald Ware - "Welcome Truthseeker:"

Other websites of interest:      for all your writing needs

Slide show of 150 drawings with short comments and related information...a CD-R for Windows program:      Contact John through email -   ...$20 + shipping CD-R with 150 slides. Payment may be made directly or through PayPal.
Examples of the 150 slides:

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