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One dozen Roses?
How cool it is to give someone a dozen beautiful Roses that will last forever!
Original art!!!
   by John Foster   
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See stone flower Roses below & on pages 3 & 4.

Contact John at
A heart of stone (female or male) can be softened with stone flower Roses!
If you are interested in owning a work of art shown here, all offers will be seriously considered!

5 pages of unique, one-of-a-kind, beautiful, timeless, original art
Featuring God-made, Man-made Geological Floral Wonders of rare, semi-rare, and not-so-rare stones and gemstones created by John Foster
Contact: for "B" series creations or for others.

$79                                                         $79                                                     $79
For a larger picture, right click and select "View Image.
                  $499                                                             $79
The newest creations  ***  Colorful stone flowers are great gifts!
Why not take a chance?  ....make an offer!!!

Here's a Gift you'll never forget!

   Paintings                                             Stone flowers                           Stone flowers                           Multi-medium
                                                     The Brad Foster Collection          The John Foster Collection                      Sulpture  

"The Rock 'N' Roses Collection"

Stone flower sculptures created from colorful natural stone that was collected by the artist
from various locations
extending from Western Canada to Eastern Alabama
Bouquets of natural stone Singles, Doubles, Triples, Half  Dozens, Dozens, & Blossom Paperweights!

Please see information and photos below.

Click the painting or sculptures above...or Pages 3,4 & 5 for additional creations.

  To order an original work of art simply contact The Brad Foster Collection in Texas  -  at for "B" series creations or others.
Or contact
The John Foster Collecton in Nebraska at for others.
You will be sent an invoice through PayPal where you can automatically make your payment directly though your PayPal account or via your credit card if you don't have a PayPal account.

- Right click a photo and select "View Image" to see a larger version.
- Copying is allowed only if you donate $1 per copy to via PayPal or otherwise. Thank you for respecting the very hard work of the artist/author.
All offers will be seriously considered.

"I meandered over to your art site and wow, I hadn't seen the rose lamps before or some of the other things and goodness sake,
they are magnificent!! : Wow!!!"

"Your art is beautiful and the Roses and other stone flowers are just magnificent!"     

(Look below for additional comments.)
Right click over the images to view larger versions.
Please note that Rose Quartz becomes more richly colorful under different lighting conditions. Most of the Rose Quartz creations here have been seen with a deep rose color.

Contact: or
These make great gifts for any occasion!
The single stone flowers below range in price from $35 to $45.
Included on most are gemstones of Citrine, Peridot, Pink Opal, Jade, or Ruby, etc.
Blossoms and bases are of Marble, Quartz, Alabaster, Granite, etc.






















Stone Flower Paperweights make great gifts!  (examples)
Sculpted meticulously by hand using diamond tools. All creations are coated with crystal clear Acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the rich natural colors of the stone. Contact John at for other examples. Photos can be sent to you via email.

See Page 5 for additional paperweights

These are stone flower sculptures (bouquets) that are carved under water using diamond tools. They include treated colored leaves of steel and brass, as well as larger gemstones and fossils to highlight the bases. The blossoms include Premium Rose Quartz from the Custer, South Dakota Area (some of the highest quality in the World), Classic Yellow Marble and Classic Pink Marble from Western Canada, White Colorado Alabaster from the Fort Collins area, rich Green Soapstone from Southwest Montana, and renown White Marble from Eastern Alabama, among many others. The bases are created from common and semi-rare stones that are highlighted with Ammonite fossils and gemstones of light green Jade, dark green Jade,Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, Emerald, Zircon, Ruby, Peridot, Jasper, Opal and golden Citrine, among many others. The variations in colors seen on some of the bases and blossoms are natural elements that were deposited during the early stages of Earth's creation. Many of the semi-rare stones were selected personally, in the local areas, by the artist. The entire sculptures are coated with crystal clear acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the sometimes striking, beautiful natural color of the stones. All are signed by the artist, John Foster. If you decide to purchase a piece of this display of natural beauty, we hope you will enjoy it for an entire lifetime.

John Foster
- A 78 year old retired research and development, electromechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, author, lecturer, etc.

With a life-long passion for creating art, John has been able to produce exquisite pieces of art throughout his various careers.

He also has authored and illustrated three books conveying a personal astonishing important story for our time. It provides a deeper understanding of life, UFOs, science, religion and history. You can find further information on Page 4 and .

Click the painting or sculptures at the top of this page for additional creations.

Purchase can be accomplished directly from the artist, through PayPal, or with your credit card through PayPal. An invoice will be sent to you for approval and records before your payment.        ....Contact: for "B" series creations or for others.

If you see a sold item that you wish you could have purchased, a similar item can be created without a deposit...and without violating the originality of the original creation.  You will not be committed to buy unless you approve the final creation through photos via email.

If you wish to copy a photo or drawing, it is allowed only if you pay $1 per copy to via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, John will send you an invoice and you can pay easily with your credit card. Thank you for respecting he very hard work of the artist/author.

Comments about John's art:

"I meandered over to your art site and wow, I hadn't seen the rose lamps before or some of the other things and goodness sake, they are magnificent!! :) Wow!!!"           ...Diana

"To all my friends. I got my wife a rose that John made for our anniversary and she loves it. Even got a couple rose paperweights from him. My co-workers can attest to the quality and beauty of his handiwork. Please consider purchasing something from him for your friends and family this Christmas season!"          ...Chris

"Hi John - The daisies arrived in perfect condition and I'm thrilled with them!  They're even better than I imagined when I saw the
pictures! "             ....Jill

" John, I wanted to let you know how much I love the painting I bought!  I put a light on it and it looks amazing!  Everyone who comes to my house comments on how much they like the painting. My wife and I will enjoy it for many years to come.    ....Darrel

"These stone flowers are shockingly beautiful. They are unusually balanced pieces of art that truly bring sunshine into your life!"     ....Ann

"The quality and beauty of these pieces is amazing--especially for the price. I love looking at all the different gorgeous stones in my sculpture.
"            ....Kin

"John, Your stunning work of art arrived late this afternoon. It is beautiful. My wife and I are thrilled with this stone rose sculpture.We are impressed with all of y our beautiful creations. Thank you . You are multitalented!           .....Fowler

"John I love, love, love the stone flowers I bought!  The dozen roses look wonderful on my dining room table.  The quality and artistic workmanship is amazing.  I also love the single daisy.  It adds a touch of class to my kitchen!"       ....Karen

"John, I do love your sculptures. My wife has a birthday coming up in the Spring and I have your stone flowers in mind for her gift."    .....Gary

"...the white rose. You left me ASTONISHED. That white rose is so BEAUTIFUL. I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU CAN DO THESE perfectly shaped. THESE ROSES MAKE ME FEEL so beloved."      .....Lois

"Your art is beautiful and the Roses and other stone flowers are just magnificent!"      .....REsha

"Your flowers have an incredibly deep connection for me. I feel lucky that I will have them forever!!  And the lamps are just incredible!"     .....Brad

"I love your flowers very much and will always appreciate the effort and time you’ve spent creating each masterpiece!"       .....Anna

See Pages 2, 3, 4 & 5 for additional artistic creations.

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